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Talk & Action

Our website is where you have the power to turn talk into action. It's a place where you can share ideas and experiences, and develop joint actions to improve education and schooling. Online tools such as Talk & Action support face-to-face discussions through:

  • Connecting school community members of diverse backgrounds who may otherwise not have lots of opportunities to really listen to, and learn from, each other and develop a shared view
  • Extending a conversation over time, providing participants with opportunities to reflect further on each other's thoughts and to give feedback on ideas that may not be fully developed.

You can join in a matter of minutes, and log in at any time. You can then join or start a conversation topic. The topics can be either Public or Private and Confidential. Each topic has Leaders and Participants. People taking part can post comments and documents, images and videos. When a topic has been fully explored, the topic Leader is able to create an Action Plan or policy.

Join now - it's free - and start participating in private or public conversations! For more information, read through our Talk & Action Frequently Asked Questions section.