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Learning community case study

June 12, 2016

The Nathalia Learning Community case study is recommended reading. This community involves:

  • Nathalia Secondary College
  • St Marys of the Angels Catholic Secondary College
  • St Francis Primary School
  • Nathalia Primary School
  • Barmah Kindergarten and Occasional Care Centre
  • Nathalia and District Pre School Centre.

The Nathalia Learning Community uses the concept of 'collaborative autonomy' – education organisations working and learning together with a shared purpose and common aims and objectives while retaining a sense of autonomy and uniqueness. It strives to:

  • Place students at the centre of everything that the community does
  • Build strong relationships between education organisations, between education and the broader community and between the Learning Community and key stakeholder groups
  • Build a strong, resilient and sustainable 0-18+ years learning environment
  • Develop and maintain a profile of education leaders in shared education provision.

Provides many insights that are relevant to all schools. For more information, contact Phil Brown, Executive Officer, Country Education Partnership, at  and

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