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Effective networks in education

June 06, 2016

Essential features of effective networks in education, a useful article by Santiago Rincón-Gallardo and Michael Fullan. Their ‘essential features’ of effective networks outlined in the article are:

  1. Focussing on ambitious student learning outcomes linked to effective pedagogy
  2. Developing strong relationships of trust and internal accountability
  3. Continuously improving practice and systems through cycles of collaborative inquiry
  4. Using deliberate leadership and skilled facilitation within flat power structures
  5. Frequently interacting and learning inwards
  6. Connecting outwards to learn from others
  7. Forming new partnerships among students, teachers, families, and communities
  8. Securing adequate resources to sustain the work.

How "new partnerships among students, teachers, families, and communities" are supported and promoted, through diverse networks, is crucial. The two halves of ‘within school’ and ‘beyond school’ factors and influences, if brought together in new ways, can lead to much better outcomes for all.

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