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Government Schools Funding Review

April 03, 2016

The Government Schools Funding Review (the 'Bracks Review') has been released. Better learning outcomes through the development of stronger collaboration and shared responsibility is a major emphasis in the Review. Strategic governance is likewise a key theme. A brief summary of the Review is also available at the same link.

The Hon James Merlino MP, Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, points out that:

A central premise of the Review is that better student outcomes rely on collaboration and shared responsibility across all schools, across all sectors. It reaffirms the Education State reform agenda, encouraging stronger partnerships between schools beyond the school gate (DET, 2016)

The Review suggests ways that DET may incentivise collaboration. Among the proposals are:

  • Collaboration Hubs to bring government schools and partners together, to share resources and data and explore opportunities for collaboration
  • Open, peer based networks that are led by schools and their communities, and supported by DET and the wider system
  • A Learning Partnerships Challenge Fund to unlock the potential gains for students from collaboration between schools and non-school partners to broaden curriculum options, share resources, improve student welfare and improve efficiencies
  • A Student Engagement Fund to incentivise new ways for schools to work with partners to strengthen student engagement.

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