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Improving school governance

February 11, 2015

See our ten practical tips for improving school governance and ten useful tools. Positive feedback from school councils and principals about these tips. These ideas are a mix of both good practices that are do-able and ideals and aspirations that take time and support to develop. The ten tips are:

  1. Relate all school governance work to the school's purpose
  2. Be crystal-clear about roles, objectives, functions and powers
  3. Develop a workplan for policy, planning and reporting
  4. Promote awareness of personal skills and conduct
  5. Develop timely access to relevant information and data
  6. Plan in advance for building dialogue and managing conflict
  7. Use a set of easy practices to make all meetings productive
  8. Identify skills gaps and have a partnerships policy
  9. Have a communication plan to engage the community
  10. Build in routine reflection and improvement.

For more information, contact VICCSO on (03) 9429 5900 and at .

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