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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

September 14, 2014

The New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative involves schools from ten countries, including eighty schools in Victoria. Participating schools are supporting and implementing deep learning goals that are enabled by new pedagogies and accelerated by various tools and technologies. Importantly, there is an emphasis on the bigger picture of learning partnerships and learning environments.

For more information, visit the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning website or contact Digital Learning at . An excellent infographic highlights the power of school-family-community partnerships and the importance of building learning communities. A tremendous collection of resources has also been prepared by the Department of Education and Training.

The infographic is used by school leadership teams, teachers and school councils as a conversation and planning tool. Contact VICCSO on (03) 9429 5900 to discuss how schools are using the tool.

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School governance paper

September 08, 2014

The school governance paper entitled 'Professional Practice and Performance for Improved Learning: School Governance' is available. It proposes a stronger strategic role for school councils. Your school council or organisation can provide feedback on the analysis and actions outlined in the paper via . Contact for more information and if your school council would like to discuss the paper.

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