School Improvement and Governance Network

About Us

What is VICCSO?

The Victorian Council of School Organisations Inc (VICCSO) is an independent organisation comprising affiliated school councils. VICCSO supports and promotes great practices in school governance and school-family-community partnerships as powerful ways to improve learning outcomes and life opportunities for all students. It also advocates for resources and support for public education.

VICCSO provides the support for the School Improvement and Governance Network, an on-line resource and toolkit for school councils and school communities.

Our view is that school improvement is always 'co-owned' in strong partnerships of school leaders, educators, parents, students and community members.

Through its school council affiliates, thousands of individuals participating in local partnerships are represented - including parents, students, principals and teachers. 

VICCSO has been working with school committees, school councils and school communities for over eighty years.

Mission statement

VICCSO's mission statement is:

Supporting and promoting practical initiatives and a network for school improvement and governance.

Four key issues

Based on the good practices of schools and their communities, VICCSO focuses on promoting awareness, information and practical initiatives around four key areas:

  1. Local decision-making - through effective school councils and committees
  2. Powerful learning for all students - through shared values, goals and plans
  3. Partnerships for change - through building stronger school-family-community links
  4. Resources and facilities - through supporting all efforts to increase resources and improve facilities.

Our values

To support and promote a broad network around school improvement and governance, we aspire to be:

  • Innovative. We are excited by new possibilities and look for new ways to address challenges
  • Collaborative. We actively seek out collaboration that will achieve the best results. We respect different views and value strength in diversity
  • Partners for educational equity. We view equality of opportunity for every student as a fundamental right, and foreground the issue of gaps in student achievement along socioeconomic, geographic and other lines as a major focus
  • Strategic and results-driven. We are inspired by big ideas and bold strategic initiatives; at the same time, we want to be judged by practical results, not by our plans.


“VICCSO provides schools and school councils with tremendous support, information, access to networks and ideas about innovation in education and learning”. School principal

“I value VICCSO for its information and guidance about how stronger partnerships between the principal, parents, teachers and students can make a real difference to a school community and to students’ learning outcomes”. Parent school council member

“VICCSO has long been a wonderful source of support for school councils and school communities. It helps schools to build stronger governance, stronger partnerships and stronger communities”. Teacher school council member