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The history of the Victorian Council of School Organisations Inc extends back to over 80 years. This rich history includes:

  • 1914 onwards - around 2,000 school committees
  • 1923 - formation of the Melbourne and Metropolitan State School Committees Association of Victoria, representing primary school committees
  • 1920s - High Schools Advisory Councils Association established to represent high school councils
  • 1928 - formation of the State School Committees Organisation of Victoria
  • 1940s - primary and high school groups amalgamate as a basis for what became VICCSO
  • 1958 - development of the State Schools Committees and Councils Association of Victoria (SSCCAV)
  • 1964 - the SSCCAV and the Victorian Secondary Schools Advisory Councils Association merge to form VICCSO
  • 1970s - VICCSO and the Victorian Federation of State School Parents Clubs (VFSSPC) pioneer professional development programs for parents, students and school councils
  • 1970s - VICCSO and VFSSPC form strong working relationship with teachers’ organisations around school funding and curriculum/assessment. This was known initially as the ‘5 Orgs’ – and, after the formation of the Australian Education Union (AEU), as the ‘3 Orgs’
  • 1970s/1980s - the development of school council legislation. VICCSO worked on this major reform, working closely with the Education Department
  • 1990s - VICCSO continues its work and initiatives, with its office based at Yarra Primary School
  • The present - VICCSO reviews its work and develops a renewal process.

It is hoped that this great history of VICCSO and school governance is eventually documented via a major research project. As well, see the fascinating History of School Councils paper.